Luigino Bottega

Luigino Bottega

“Experience is useful, but what truly counts is to what end we use it.”

I'm an Italian enamored with the Paris of the East, Budapest, where I live. 
During my first 50 years, I expressed my creative and entrepreneurial abilities nationally and internationally in different areas: graphics/photography and marketing, event management, political strategy and communication, online trend and community development, mentoring, and personal growth.

February 2020 - Present 

Author of WinTheGame.Life 

This illustrated essay that I got so excited about writing is a collection of thoughts and experiences assembled into a useful formula for those who, armed with curiosity, wish to discover new perspectives for their personal growth: 

March 2019 - Present 

Creator of the #FramesOfMyLife project 

Art, passion and soul. The creative art project: 

Sept 2017 - Present 

Founder of Wake Up Positive Today 

Project for a better world: 

March 2015 - Present 

Co-Founder of L.A. Night 

L.A. NIGHT stands for networking, style and happiness in an elegant, communicative and international party atmosphere – true to the motto “to see and to be seen”. It’s all about entertainment, socialising and fun in the top locations of Budapest with the most attractive designs and views of the city. The general communication is in English. More: L.A.Night website  

Jan 2008 - Present 

Head of marketing division of ITL Group 

Consulting company for italian investment in Hungary. Strategic Consulting, including business strategy development: 

Feb 2007 - Present 

Co-Founder of Ideeventure 

Political Marketing and Political Communication: 

Jan 2006 - Present 

CEO of Eventonetwork 

Eventonetwork is a global network of professionals who offer high European quality standards and customer satisfaction. We are a fast-growing company with event agencies all over Europe with extensive business contacts in Rome, Milano, Istanbul, Venice, Prague, Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, Lisbon and Budapest. Our agency offers a comprehensive service in Event managing and marketing. 

Jun 1995 - Jun 2005  

CEO of Powerhouse 

Marketing and online Community Makers 

Jun 1984 - May 1997 

Founder and Owner of Madco 

Creativity and software

“Life is the biggest match we will ever play: we can win or lose depending on the quality of our game.”

- Luigino Bottega

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Photo installation

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